6 Steps to Innovation and Creativity

Studies Have shown that at 5 years of age children are 95% imaginative. By the time they’re 12, creativity has diminished to 4%. This shows how education and maturity change the way children think and as they move more into maturity, creativity skills are repressed.

Creativity Is important, particularly in business to stay competitive, to provide opportunities for staff and also to create a fulfilling environment which has no constraints on free thinking.

By transforming these creative ideas into action, businesses can become innovate and leaders in their field.

Research Has shown that highly performing businesses are highly innovate and have successfully integrated creativity and innovation in their day to day business processes.

Interestingly though, most companies actually Consider innovate to be very important. However, they rate low on the innovation maturity model.
Companies make the transition from being conventional structured thinkers to free flowing, open minded thinkers and implementers?

– Innovation must come from the top and be adopted by the CEO, their direct management and their teams under. Innovative thought leadership needs to permeate throughout the organisation.

Step 3 – Everyone needs to support the companies vision or mission statement and know there are a number of ways to achieve these aims. Without this, not everyone is working towards the same goal.

Step 4 – Provide encouragement and motivation by rewarding staff for embracing and demonstrating innovative thinking.

Step 5 -Make the opportunity to be innovative. If your teams are caught up in the structured day to day constraints of the operational tasks, there’s little capacity for creativity or the opportunity to innovate.
– Be sure to have a process that harnesses and concentrates creativity and innovation, as it is what will successfully turn an idea into a successful reality.

There are some fantastic courses and speakers Available offering techniques to assist with innovative thinking. Make the time to make your ideas and turn them into reality.

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